About Water Safe Australia's Dry Bags

Water Safe was born over a decade ago whilst enjoying a beer at the pub. The idea was to design waterproof bags for swimming that would let people keep their valuables on them and enjoy a swim, sail or other outdoor activities. Sporting enthusiasts wouldn’t have to worry that their keys and wallets might get lost or stolen.

The idea resurfaced about a year later on a Sunshine Coast beach when Water Safe founder Midge Thomson was swimming with a friend and his kids.

“My friend’s wife had to sit and mind our valuables on the beach to protect them from a group of young people who would watch people’s movements and steal their valuables at their chance,” he said.

This has led to the design and online sale of waterproof beach bags, waterproof bags for swimming,waterproof bags for boating and waterproof sailing bags. In April 2007 the first email was sent and so began the development of Water Safe’s unique waterproof dry bags.

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