Waterproof beach bag keeps your valuables safe

Posted on January 10, 2012 in News

Ingenious waterproof beach bag keeps your valuables safe

If you’re into water or action sports, there’s always the problem of what to do with your valuables while you’re in the water.  You also don’t want to leave them hidden in a towel, shoes, under a rock or on a car wheel.

It can be frustrating for the person in your group who has to look after everyone’s keys, money and phones, and these days we don’t seem to travel light!

Designed for the recreational enthusiast, that’s where this clever Water Safe product comes in. A secure waterproof bum bag with a difference, it has a specially designed plastic pouch, and a durable 130cms long neoprene bag with a segmented belt so you can customise the size for a comfortable fit.

The Water Safe dry bag is designed for occasional submersion in water up to 5 metres deep, and is also dustproof and floats.

If you’re into yachting, boating, swimming, bodyboarding, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rowing, kiteboarding, parasailing, windsurfing, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, bushwalking, bike riding,  just to name a few, the Water Safe is for you.

Not suitable for diving or deep water activities, and parental supervision is required.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that your valuables are with you at all times.