Waterproof Dry Bags

Water Safe Australia’s waterproof bags for boating solve the problem of how to keep your valuables safe and dry while you’re out with your mates enjoying this great Australian past time.

Secure Waterproof Beach Bag

Perhaps you’re looking for waterproof bags for boating, or a waterproof sailing bag?

You don’t have to worry about losing your valuables because they’ll always be right with you.

That’s where the ingenious water safe product comes in. A waterproof bum bag with a difference, the Water Safe bag is designed for the recreational enthusiast. It’s made up of a plastic pouch with top and bottom seals which fits into a durable 130cm long neoprene bag. It also has a segmented belt so you can customise the size for a comfortable fit.

The Water Safe waterproof dry bag is designed for occasional submersion in water up to 5 metres deep, and is also dustproof.

Your secure waterproof bum bag is made to withstand all the tough conditions that come with recreational activities, particularly those that involve getting wet or dusty!

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